Saturday, December 14, 2013


I am thankful.

Thankful for our time together. I feel like It isn't popular these days to say so but I am so blessed to be home with you. I work on evenings and weekends- I miss bedtimes and sometimes wake up at the crack of dawn or stay awake all night long. I miss a whole day during the week and we make it work, Daddy and I, but I am thankful that those times are few and far between. I am thankful that you are home with your mother and father. You are safe and secure. You are well rested and well-fed. You are a wonderful happy little boy and I love that you are growing up in your home. I don't want to miss your days and weeks. I don't want to miss you 40 hours. I am not built that way. I love working. I love cable. I love new clothes, a nice gym, and eating out. But I love you more. I love you more than the lifestyle I became accustomed to. I love you more than a big house. I love you more than my career. I am happiest with your arms around my neck and I am happier with a less is more mentality. I never predicted we could cut our budget enough, we could strech far enough, and close in. 

Close. Together. Family.

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